I work with individuals who suffer from emotional, psychological, and relational distress, and those who want to experience some change in their lives and gain a better understanding and acceptance of themselves. What this looks like is very personal to you, and I aim to meet you where you are. 

I help clients understand their patterns of thoughts and feelings, as well as the power of significant relationships that help shape their self-experience in the world. The therapy I offer helps strengthen and transform one's sense of self, which can in turn strengthen confidence and a sense of well-being. "Empowerment and growth through interpersonal connection are both the process and goal of relational psychotherapy."

In this therapeutic space, I have witnessed deep change, profound healing, and great shifts towards authenticity and health in relationships - both with others and, most importantly, with one's self. I aim to help you get there. 

There is a road. There is  a way. There is a place. 

- Lykke Li